Welcome to the Graal Classic CompendiumEdit

This wiki is for the records of almost everything in GraalOnline Classic.

Just so you all know, Vandalism is easily fixed and will get you IP banned from editing the site, so don't bother. It's not funny, and no one cares that much anyway.

To guild leaders, if you see your guild's name under Guilds, I would greatly appreciate it if you would write the page. If not, and you believe your guild should be on the wiki, don't just write it, contact me ingame and ask me first. For admin pages, whether or not you see your name, just write a page.

My currently active account's username is *Serenity

Other Websites! :D


Cruxis and Cruxis Evolution

Soul of Ninjas

Chain of Memories



Graal Fire Department




Dark Star

Notable EventsEdit


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